Do I plan to kill off any of my characters?

Originally posted on September 19, 2018 on Facebook. I need to get these two sites synced so my blog posts a link on the page.

This question came to mind today. I suppose this comes from all of those works where ‘someone dies’ or in the writing advice that says “don’t be afraid to kill your darlings.” As in your characters.

The quick answer is no, I don’t ‘plan to’ not with the main characters. The second-stringers and lesser used ones however, might not be so lucky. Red shirts, anyone? LOL

Seriously and sadly, no one really knows where things will lead. I certainly won’t pull an out of the blue moment or something that reads like ‘this is solely for the purpose of killing character A”. That’s not the plan. Rest assured, I do not and will not pull any senseless / pointless killings. If a character is going to die in my writings, it will make sense, it will propel the story forward.

If the fans come at me saying “this character needs to die” well, maybe something can be arranged. I wouldn’t want to disappoint the fans.

That said, I have no issues with torture, maiming, brutal injury, etc. I do stop short of rape. I prefer not to write sex scenes so I won’t go down this road.

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The Children

I love this, ‘The Children’ a tentative title for a book far later in the collection was part of my dreams last night. That is to say, the opener was there. If only I knew how to create images using software- there was so much detail to this dream. I hope that I’m able to recall the details when the time comes that I’m writing this book.

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A Few Teasers on the YA series

Working on the young adult series these days. Here’s just a few teaser details for you.

It is set in the same reality as The Zodiac Chronicles
Location: Montana
Age Range: 15-18
Genre: I’m shooting for mystery / suspense
Book 1 subtitle: Blood & Loyalty

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Borrowing My Own Characters

I have made a decision with regards to Lesson 9 of Long Ridge Writers Group. I am borrowing 2 of the characters from TCS- my YA series for this short story.

As I mentioned in a post on my personal site- this is a scene set a few years after the events in the trilogy. So stay tuned, I’ll be updating on this when it’s done.

My personal WP site is at

– Mindy

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Zodiac Chronicles On Twitter

To get the fastest updates on my series The Zodiac Chronicles – follow on twitter. This is and will be the tweet-source for all things related to The Zodiac Chronicles.

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Decisions Decisions

So, I’ve made a decision. I’m going to turn into a static page and use this blog on the WordPress site for active / interactive posting. It’s not a matter of which is easier- it’s that I’ve learned that with the free site- the stuff stays when you’re gone- and the paid site would go away. Essentially- it’s a mix of vanity, legacy / posterity, but mostly- for me- it’s about remembrance. I’m sure there are a number of people who would agree with me. I want to leave something behind to be remembered by that’s in my own words. This blog will be just that for the novels under the collective title of Falcon Declassified.

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